We As Lovers

This delicious pain, We have found each other, We are one Under this illusion of separation. We do not compete each other, We realize that completion is found inside, Not outside ourselves, through each other. I love you, With all of my heart, With every fiber of my being, With every cell of my body, [...]

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Apparent Reality VS Reality

I am reading Adyashanti’s “Falling Into Grace” and at first this text was really speaking to me. But then the author started talking about “accepting what is” and how some things are “immovable and unchangeable.” I disagree, 100%, with this belief. I can easily demonstrate why. All around me are walls and windows. Someone like [...]

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It Is Not Hopeless

Someone said the other day that they were going through a time where they felt hopeless and stuck. They were writing songs about it, but getting tired of the same old theme coming out. I recognized this landscape as one I once walked through. I know these feelings. Not too long ago I also felt [...]

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Seeking Clarity

In “The Deepest Acceptance” Jeff Foster tells me that I do not control my life. That suffering comes, essentially, from trying to control my life. Because I am really trying to protect my story of my life. As long as I believe in some sort of story that I call my life, suffering is the [...]

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Thoughts On Thoughts

    For some time I said that, “Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.” This was adopted from the spiritual teachings I had been reading at the time. Writers in the “New Thought” movement and their later, mostly Hay House published, iterations.     Before adopting this belief I didn’t really give much thought to my thoughts. As [...]

The Key is to Stop Trying

    For a long time I put lucid dreaming and astral projection on a pedestal. I gave these experiences value and meaning. I gave them their sense of importance to me. I placed them up so high I could not longer reach them, and I did not even know this is what I had done. [...]

My Personal Legend

There is the idea of a Personal Legend. This thing we know as children. Then we forget, or a “mysterious force” convinces us that it is impossible. We grow up, listening to our families, friends, society. We stuff our dreams deep down inside, as they are impractical. Instead we go to college, or get a [...]

Questions Without Answers

I have some questions, and while posting them here is therapeutic for me, too often it feels as if I am speaking to an empty room. I know there has been, and may still be, one member in the audience. I don’t say this to get their attention, to gain recognition or anything. I guess [...]

Is Service Your Highest Calling?

I was reading a book by Joan Chittister entitled, “Following The Path.” I made it to page 75 before I stopped reading. Before I explain let me be clear… I liked this author. She was a little hard to follow in her writing rhythm, so-to-speak, but I have never felt such love pouring off the [...]

The Answer

As posted in a YouTube comment… For the record, I am not a Christian. I was, for over 20 years. Turning my back on something that had become a part of my identity was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It came about due to certain experiences I went through. In my [...]